Articles written by: Luceo Wang


The new SATs bring pros and cons

            On April 16, the College Board announced blueprints for a redesigned SAT test, which brought mixed reactions to the standardized test. I believe the College Board tried to fix many problems in the SAT test by realigning it with schoolwork, but the test will become […]

Community / Lifestyle

Batman on campus! New bike-share program off to a rolling start

As of this spring, there are now two bikes – a red one named The Flash and a black one named Batman –waiting for you outside the dining center. The Green Team launched a bike-share project this spring, with $900 of funding from the Parents’ Association. The school and Green Team bought two […]

Arts / Athletics / Community

Tiffany Lau: a balancing act

Dancing with soft movement, drawing beautiful patterns with her skates, Tiffany Lau ’15 is in the middle of an ice rink creating art with her own body. The junior from Hong Kong came to Dana Hall in 2013 to pursue both her skating and academic goals in the United States. […]


Art and photography share the spotlight in Mining the Museum

Mary Ann McQuillan’s gallery show “Mining the Museum” urges people to explore “the spectacle of spectatorship.” Ms. McQuillan, who teaches photography and AP art history, offers both photographs and films in her current show in the Dana Hall art gallery. Ms. McQuillan is inspired by museums themselves, and she confesses, […]


The 21st-century Hallmanac: Changes and challenges

It’s time to change your web browser bookmark for the Hallmanac! The Hallmanac has adopted 21st-century technology, and the changes keep coming. The latest change, made just this month, is a new webhost and hence a new URL for the Hallamac: Other recent changes include eliminating password-protection to read […]


Dana parent Ann Harney brings color to the Gallery

Walking into the Dana Art Gallery right now, you will enter a world full of interesting shades, funny statues, and blocks of color. The current gallery show, running October 14 through November 19, features paintings by Ann F. Harney, the mother of 2008 Dana graduate Elizabeth Cantor, as well as […]


ISA eats a deliberately “disorganized” dinner

Almost every international boarding student on campus—all of whom are automatically members of the International Students Association (ISA)—gathered on Thursday, October 3, and shared a meal in the Dining Center, learning culture from new friends. Seating at the dinner was a kind of scavenger hunt. Students were not arranged by […]


Dana Hall students explore online learning

While Dana Hall’s delivery of its program will always be an in-class experience for students, the School made the decision last spring to offer the Advanced Placement Computer Science course through the Online School for Girls beginning this year. The number of Dana Hall students who enroll in AP Computer Science tends […]


The Power of Self Expression

Coming from a country 7124.46 miles away from the United States, three years ago, I entered a new world as a fourteen-year-old girl. I brought my identities and memories from China to the United States, shouldering my parents’ expectations. The United States was waving to me with its blonde hair […]


The Changing Face of Foreign Teachers

People sometimes hear about face changing actors in the Peking Opera—they change masks with their changing moods, revealing a new dimension of their personalities. Similarly, and perhaps surprisingly, there is a group of teachers at Dana Hall School who also have changing faces. In a diverse community like the Dana […]