Articles written by: Liana Shi


Final exams back at Dana after two years

During the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years, Dana Hall did not hold any schoolwide final exams due to the Covid pandemic. However, this year as things tend to become normal again, the school resumed final exams. The final exams are being held in the Shipley Center from May 31 to […]

The Nation and the World

China’s zero-Covid policy brings stricter lockdown to Shanghai

Shanghai, one of the most economically developed cities in China, has been under lockdown since the end of March. The new Covid outbreak in Shanghai has led to a lockdown policy that is much stricter than even the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Now, the streets of Shanghai are […]


Turning Red introduces authentic Asian culture to the world

Turning Red, one of the newest Pixar movies, centers around the lives of Asian immigrants in Canada. With its depiction of the Canadian Chinatown, the attraction to k-pop boy bands, and the traditional family values, Asians and Asian Americans will find the movie Turning Red very relatable. For people of […]


Many international students remain in the U.S. during long breaks

The Covid pandemic has made returning home during long breaks a challenge for international students. Currently, the Dana Hall community includes 64 international boarding students from countries all over the world. Because of the Covid quarantine policies, many international students have not been able to return to their home country […]

Opinion / The Nation and the World

Advocating for gender equality in Chinese society

When I was five, I remember a relative in my grandma’s house telling five-year-old me jokingly that, “in the past, a woman’s best virtue was to be ignorant. That’s because girls were meant to be at home, to be obedient.” That was the first time I heard this message, a […]


Dana Hall returns to REACH to monitor boarding students

With the return of all boarding students, Dana Hall restarted using the REACH app to monitor boarding students’ locations and permissions. Through REACH, students can update their location during the academic day and make leave requests to parents and dorm directors for their weekend activities.  Previously, boarding students had a […]