Articles written by: Letitia Zhang


Changes on the horizon: Dana Hall announces curriculum innovations

Things are going to change. A number of courses in the English Department, Computer Science Department and Social Studies Department, along with community service, will have different looks in the next school year. The brand-new senior English courses will be more theme-driven and more like college courses. “The whole department […]

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The “Maker Movement” hits campus

Do you make things? Have you ever designed, created, or transformed something on your own?  If you are using materials to put things together, the answer is “yes,” and by the way, you are involved in the Maker Movement. Related to “DIY,” meaning “do it yourself,” this movement has grown […]


A mid-autumn moon rises over Dana Hall

Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is a Chinese holiday of family unions and thanksgivings. It takes place on the fifth day in August in the Asian lunar calendar, which fell on September 19 this year. On that night, Dana Hall house faculty hosted a celebration of the […]