Articles written by: Letitia Zhang

Academics / Community

Alexandra Siemon: Embodying passion and wisdom

Students of Alexandra Siemon, Social Studies teacher, often describe her as “knowledgeable,” “wise,” “honest and genuine,” and “caring and supportive.” She is also considered “very busy.” Besides being a teacher, Ms. Siemon is also the Global Scholarship Program Advisor and member of the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) advisory board. […]


Changes on the horizon as Ms. Erisman resigns

Caroline Erisman, Head of School, announced on April 16 that she will leave Dana Hall at the end of the 2015-16 academic year. She describes her seven years spent at Dana as “rewarding, challenging and memorable,” and it is “with a heavy heart and mixed emotions” that she has to […]


Furious, but also glorious

When you look up the movie Furious Seven on Google, one of the most searched phases is “Did the ending make you cry?” I will confess: yes, it did. Distributed by Universal Pictures, The Fast and the Furious is a series of action movies that centers on street racing. With […]


How much of what you read is true?

A recent story on the New York Times began with accusations of Chinese corruption, violation of environmental law, intentional assault, and threats against the press. Was it all true, though? The New York Times is well-known as the national “newspaper of record,” and yet that is not the case in this […]


The Imitation Game is the real thing

The Imitation Game, a movie that is based on the autobiography of British mathematician, computer scientist, cryptanalyst, and logician Alan Turing, depicts his years working for the military to decipher the famous German cipher system, the Enigma, as well as his later life when he becomes a criminal because of his […]


Dana Fencing Team: Compete with the men’s team or not?

In the years before the Dana Fencing Team competed alone for the Women’s Three Weapons Championship, which consists of accumulated scores from three squads: epee, sabre, and foil, it had fenced with St. John’s Prep together and challenged the Six Weapons Championship. However, since both Dana and Prep are traditionally […]

Lifestyle / Opinion

Sephora accused of anti-Asian discrimination

Sephora, a multi-billion dollar company that sells cosmetics, fragrances, skin care, and body care products, blocked a lot of accounts that have Asian domains or Asian last names during its annual sale in November. The reason the company gave was suspicion that some Asian purchasers were actually resellers who were buying […]

Academics / Community

Global Scholarship program encourages study of diverse cultures

Dana Hall has initiated the Global Scholarship Program, available to the freshman class as a four-year commitment to experience diverse, international perspectives through “curriculum choices, travel and projects undertaken at Dana Hall,” according to the Mission Statement of the Global Education Committee. Ultimately, students who fulfill the program’s requirements will earn a […]

Community / Opinion

Breaking the Dana bubble: political awareness needed

Global politics applies to everyone, every single person in the Dana and global community.  The ongoing Syrian War, the global attitude toward Russia and Crimea, Mandela’s legacy, the American Constitution, the Cold War, the French Revolution, the dispute over Diaoyu Island in the Pacific Ocean — you may think events like these […]


The new Waldo offers comfort and light

The parents of Class of 2014, having seen the 56-year-old Waldo Auditorium as an old and tired space, funded its renovation as their class gift to Dana Hall. Most of the refurbishing work was done over the summer, and the remaining part such as chairs were installed after school started; the tablets on […]