Articles written by: Kelly Chen

Academics / Opinion

A sophomore’s new look at college admissions

As a current sophomore, I have been unhealthily stressed out about the college admission process. College admission is all I think about sometimes. I often ask myself what kind of college will accept my GPA, extracurricular activities, and SAT score. I thought that these are the most important jobs of […]


Dana Hall celebrates Ramadan

Ramadan, the Holy Month for fasting and one of the five pillars of Islam, started on April 1 and lasted until May 1 in the U.S. As Ramadan is such an important time for Muslims, Dana Hall planned a few events regarding this Islamic tradition last month to support the […]


Dana Hall’s area studies classes are “one of a kind”

The Area Studies graduation requirement “ensures that all students have been introduced to the history and perspectives of a non-Western region in support of our mission to prepare students for the challenges they face as citizens of the world,” according to Dana Hall’s curriculum handbook. Alexandra Siemon, who has been […]

Community / Opinion

Dana Hall needs more and better menstrual supplies

Imagine entering a Dana Hall bathroom and seeing an organized tray filled with high-quality menstrual products ready for use. An efficient menstrual supply system in school bathrooms can make female faculty and students feel supported and comforted. Period supplies should be freely and abundantly provided in Dana Hall’s bathrooms to […]


Dana Hall enhances communication through social media

You pick up your phone when the bell rings after the last class of the day, and tap on the Instagram icon on your home screen. The app opens, and the first post you see is a picture on the Dana Hall School official account.  Dana Hall uses a wide […]