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A Closer Look at Amarin

If you have ever walked by Truly Yogurt in Wellesley, you have most definitely seen Amarin, a Thai restaurant that looks almost as if it is underground. When you walk in, you will always be greeted by friendly faces welcoming you to try the Americanized Thai cuisine. I first tried […]

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A Night to Remember

Last Saturday, an event that spiked many emotions happened. Prom. Whether you love it or hate it, you will never escape the constant chatter about dresses, hair makeup, shoes, dates and all the stress that comes with it. A month before this event, it won’t stop. And it never stops. […]


Ms. Stewart: Help is Waiting

Walking into Wayside, a first floor classroom to the right of the door is where almost all of your school problems can be fixed or helped with some time with Kim Stewart, who is one of the two learning specialists at Dana Hall. Ms. Stewart went to Antioch for as […]


Would You Wear it?

I have been interested in fashion for a while and actually work in the clothing store Gretta Luxe. I will catch myself either scrolling through Instagram, pinterest or even picking up a People magazine looking for the newest trends and some of the most outrageous looks. Paris fashion week is […]