Articles written by: Hannah Robinson


Leading class discussion in a politically divisive time

When major current events happen, our Social Studies teachers often ask us to pause, reflect and discuss. During such a politically divisive time in the wake of this fall’s elections and a new administration, teachers have been pausing classes for these discussions more than ever. Mr. Eric Goodson said that it […]

Athletics / Community

Running towards female empowerment: Switzer returns to the Boston Marathon fifty years later

The Boston Marathon this year marked a special anniversary. Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon in 1967, and 50 years later, in 2017, she ran it again at age 70. When Switzer first ran the marathon 50 years ago, there were no official rules […]

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Finals don’t need to be ruff

Imagine we’re approaching the last days of May and year-long review sheets are being handed out and study groups are being formed. It’s exam season! While Dana does a lot to help us prepare for exams and help us remain calm, such as bringing in massage therapists and leaving a […]


#OscarsNOTSoWhite: Hollywood’s Trend Towards Diversity

The Golden Globes celebrated diversity in film and television of 2016 when they aired on January 8, providing a sharp contrast to the #OscarsSoWhite Controversy that blew up during at last year’s Academy Awards. Furthermore, the recent announcement of the Oscar Nominations followed the lead of the Golden Globes, having […]


Kennedys succeed in a new generation

Joseph Patrick Kennedy III, the incumbent Congressman for Massachusetts 4th district, retained his seat this past Election Day, November 8. Kennedy was challenged by Republican David Rosa but won the district 70 to 30%. His popularity in the Boston area, specifically among young people, can be attributed to the Kennedy […]

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Let’s change our dress code

Dana Hall’s dress code prohibits “skintight clothing.” This phrase in the dress code is inequitably enforced both in the clothing it’s applied to and to whom it’s applied, which reinforces the unfair standard that girls are subjected to in our society. As a feminist school, we can and should abide […]


Back away from Haters Back Off

Netflix introduced its newest original content this past month, and it is far from binge-worthy. It’s exciting to see this transition from long-form entertainment only being available on our TVs to its being accessible with the click of a button through Netflix, but Haters Back Off is not the show […]