Articles written by: Grace Wang

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Lockheart: A New Restaurant in Wellesley Center

Lockheart restaurant is a fabulous restaurant that opened its doors to the public in July this year. The delicious south-western style menu includes a variety of bowls, plates, and salads, however, they are most notable for their flavorful tacos. I had a lovely time there– the customer service was incredible […]


Ms. Evans is the new college counselor on campus

Ms. Ellen Evans joined Dana Hall’s College Counseling department this fall. Ms. Evans says she is “at full service”: helping seniors to write their essays, prepare for interviews, fill out their college applications, figure out college recommendations, and come up with a timeline for standardized testing while creating some opportunities […]

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Why X Blocks?

1:05 is a good time for a nap. But this is also the time when X-blocks normally take place, and it can be hard for some people to stay focused. Since it is not a course, why does the school dedicate so much time and effort to these lectures? I […]

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Changes in Schedule: Graduation before Exams

As the school year reaches the final stretch, many people are excited because summer is around the corner, but many are also stressed because of the upcoming exams. In the following school year, however, there will be a significant change in the end-of-year schedule as commencement will take place before […]


Student Activism in Dana Hall’s History

So far in the 2017-2018 school year, there has been an upswing of student activism at Dana Hall as well as in the bigger community in the US. From #blacklivesmatter to the recent national walkout for gun control, students, especially high school students, have been actively involved in political and […]


How Dana Hall Celebrates Chinese New Year

  Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is a long-established Chinese festival celebrated on the first day of the lunisolar calendar. This year, it fell on Friday, February 16th. Dana Hall has been celebrating this tradition for many years. Last Friday, along with […]

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Train to Busan: A Must-Watch for True Horror Fans

Asian horror movies are often noted for their unconventional storylines and meticulous attention to details, and South Korea definitely has its share of horror flicks. Train to Busan (2016), for instance, is known for being one of the most thrilling, appalling Korean movies. Directed by Sang-ho Yeon, this award-winning, harrowing […]


Celebrate the Holidays With Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses are often associated with winter holiday traditions. Originating in Germany in the 1800s, these houses have become one of the most deep-rooted traditions in America, bringing families and friends joy and great spirits. Dana Hall has built a project each year to make gingerbread houses. The project was […]


Building New… Big Changes In Dana Hall Housing

A new school year comes with new buildings and facility upgrades. This past summer, two of the most notable projects on campus are the demolition and construction of Lazare House and the renovation of Johnston C. In summer 2016, Dana Hall launched the Johnston renovation project, a multi-year refurbishment of […]