Articles written by: Gloria Revanche


Dungeons & Dragons comes to life on Dana Hall’s stage

What game allows you to travel to far off magical lands, become an elf, human, or dwarf, and has been accused of being linked to satanic cults? Dungeons and Dragons, more commonly known as D&D by its diehard players. On Friday and Saturday, November 13 and 14, Dana Hall students will […]


A new Student Center planned

In September 2015, Dana Hall students will return to a bigger and renovated Dining Center that will be renamed the Student Center for its emphasis on the students. Its extra space will accommodate all of the clubs at Dana and provide a place for the members of the community to […]

Academics / Community

Faster and safer internet for Dana Hall this year

While Dana Hall students were commencing and graduating last June, the Technology Department was already busy at work, creating a firewall, streamlining the campus wifi, replacing network hardware, updating software, and moving machinery in fourteen buildings, all in the span of 9 weeks. As of October 1, Dana Hall campus is using […]