Articles written by: Gloria Revanche

Academics / Community

The adventures of Mr. Neumann

Mr. Karl Neumann, US History and East Asian Studies teacher, has discovered that he does not have to go to the moon to explore. Gabrielle DeWeck ’17 remarks, “It is known that the teachers at Dana Hall are passionate about what they teach, but Mr. Neumann takes that to an […]


The Class of 1972: a lively generation facing war and fighting for women’s rights

Women from the Class of 1972 sat down with the Hallmanac during She Sails, on April 29, to remember their high school experiences. They were in school during one of the greatest periods of activism in American history. The United States had invaded Cambodia, and the women’s movement was underway. […]


Salaam brings “What We Carry Project” to Dana Hall

Imagine placing your life in backpack. This is a reality for many Syrian refugees. According to Time magazine, a young couple, Faez and Shaza al Shara, fled Syria in 2013 with only “clothing, photos from their wedding and a few keepsakes: a set of colored bowls they had received as a […]


Chew on this: Hilarious new British comedy, Chewing Gum

The writer and starring actress of Chewing Gum, Michaela Coel, says “I like making people feel uncomfortable,” and Chewing Gum will do that, as well as make you laugh uncontrollably. The British series debuted worldwide on Netflix in October and has won two British Academy of Film and Television Arts […]


Charities see a surge in donations following the election

Since the election results on Tuesday, November 8, Americans upset about election results are supporting nonprofit organizations — such as those that support freedom of the press, reproductive rights, and civil rights — in unprecedented numbers. In our Dana Hall Community, Ms. Angela Macedo, Director of Community Service Programs, says, “This year […]


Skipping meals to make the grade

For first generation and poor students, getting into college is hard, but staying there can be even harder. As students are increasingly coming from lower incomes, food insecurity and homelessness are growing problems across college campuses. Groups experiencing the most food insecurity are students of color, first-generation students, and students […]


The Salt Roads travels through time and space

The Salt Roads, written by Nalo Hopkinson, blurs the line between history and mythology, leaving the reader bewildered and coming back for more. The novel brings us into the lives of multiple women: Mer, a plantation slave doctor; Thais, an Ethiopian prostitute; and Jeanne Duval; a woman of mixed ancestry […]


Dana Hall alumnae take on the world

Multiple perspectives. Those are what Social Studies teacher Alexandra Seimon identifies as the root of all problem solving because “if you don’t understand the shoes that someone else is standing in, then you can’t feel their pain, and you cannot problem solve.” This is why the administration approached Ms. Seimon to become […]


Ms. Davidov: the woman behind the desk 

Many people know Ms. Maggie Davidov as the librarian that can help you with anything: refining your bibliography, helping your research, or any odd project. But there is more to Ms. Davidov than just bibliographies: she can recite the entirety of Robin Hood: Men in Tights, she works out to […]


Water crisis in Flint isn’t anything new

The city of Flint, Michigan, with a population of 100,000, has been exposed to grievously high levels of lead poisoning through its water supply. The damages are irreparable, and could have been avoided for a hundred dollars a day. Now the city that was already in a financial state of emergency […]