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Dana Hall students achieve in the 2016 Technovation Challenge

Dana Hall students achieve in the 2016 Technovation Challenge

On May 4, 2016, five teams from Dana Hall competed in the Technovation Challenge Regional Showcase at Microsoft New England Research and Development Center in Cambridge. One team took part in the challenge virtually, while the other four were in Cambridge in person. Dana Hall’s team JAVB placed fifth of […]


8 hours of sleep a night? Is it even possible?

I am one of the countless teenagers in the United States who struggle to get a good night’s sleep in the midst of school, sports, and life in general. Between my class schedule, tiring practices, and finishing my day off with 2 to 5 hours of homework that I start […]


An oldie but (very) goodie: Mildred Pierce

A couple of weeks ago while I was lying in bed with a fever of 102 and browsing the myriad of channels on my television, I came upon a black-and-white movie from the 1940s called Mildred Pierce. The title sounded pretty vague, but due to my laziness and lack of […]


Department of Defense opens all combat roles to women

All combat roles in the military are now open to eligible women, according to Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, who announced the policy change this past December at the Pentagon. For the first time in the history of the United States’ Department of Defense, women who meet the qualifications will not […]

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Popping the Dana Bubble

I am engulfed in the Dana Hall bubble. The “Dana Bubble” is known by students as a shield of comfort that creates a division between the real world and ourselves. This bubble at times can be protective, but during Republican Donald Trump’s campaign for presidency, I have realized that this […]


The Varsity Swim Team reaches for continued success

With about two weeks left of the winter sports season, the Dana Hall Varsity Swim Team is hoping to win the Eastern Independent League Championships (EILS) for the eighth consecutive year and the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council Championships (NEPSACs) for the third year in a row. So far the […]


The chicks in chick flicks

When I was younger and did not know what being a “feminist” meant, I enjoyed movies without something clouding the back of my mind. Don’t get me wrong: I still laugh, cry, and enjoy films which I had previously been naive about, but these films now have another meaning to […]

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Headmaster of OWLAG visits Dana Hall

Dana Hall welcomed to campus Mr. Melvin King, headmaster of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls (OWLAG) in South Africa, along with his wife, Ms. Liesl King, this past September. Moments after meeting Mr. King, his infectious smile greeted me warmly, and I felt as if I was conversing […]

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Dana Hall implements non-punitive drug and alcohol response

Dana Hall has begun a non-punitive drug and alcohol response, which allows students to reach out to Dana if they or their friends are facing drug, alcohol, or tobacco problems. This response is another excellent way that Dana can support its students, and I hope that Dana will fully live […]