Articles written by: Emma Shaich

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Dr. B: A statistically impressive addition to Dana Hall

Dr. Alla Nikolaevna (pronounced: NIK-A-LY-VNA) Baranovsky is the newest member of Dana Hall’s math department. Dr. Baranovsky, who goes by Dr. B for short, teaches AP Statistics, Intro to Calculus and Statistics, and Algebra 2 with Applications. She is also an adviser to 10th-graders and the faculty advisor to the […]

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An inside look at the new Classroom Building with exclusive renderings

The building that Dana Hall currently calls “the Upper School classroom building” was built in 1956. As of October 2021, Dana Hall has officially announced that as a part of the strategic plan – Vision 2025 – our current classroom building will be undergoing a major renovation and rebuild.  While […]


2021 New York Fashion Week: Tik-Tok has altered the meaning of exclusive high fashion runway shows

Covid-19 has altered the historical exclusivity found within New York Fashion Week. NYFW 2021 was packed with social media influencers who were invited to top-tier shows. Through the lens of their iPhones, influencers gave the public a personal, inside view of the shows that once were very hidden.  It is […]

The Nation and the World

The stock market: GameStop’s record-breaking high price explained

In January there was a major event in the world of stocks and investments. Because of Reddit, a message board and discussion website, GameStop stock went from $37 to $396 in 9 days; however, my bet is you don’t know exactly what happened.  R/wallstreetbets is the specific Redditt group chain […]


Local take-out spots: Where to get Asian-inspired cuisine, plus dessert

Right now eating in a restaurant is really unsafe, and so the next best, safe option during the pandemic is take-out. When getting take out, you always want to make sure you are picking the best possible restaurant, to ensure a delicious night, so sometimes it’s hard to branch out […]