Articles written by: Claire Quinn


A call for economic rather than race-based affirmative action in the college admissions process

Affirmative action has once again become a media buzz word in the last few weeks. Recently, the Supreme Court upheld the 2006 Michigan constitutional amendment that bans consideration of race in university and college admissions. As of now, seven states, including Michigan, have placed bans on affirmative action. Affirmative Action […]


Olympian Karen Stives ’68 gives back to Dana Hall

In January, Dana Hall announced a $3.5 million gift from Karen Wennbergh Stives ’68 towards the equestrian program. Stives, an Olympic gold medalist, wanted to give back to the program that helped catapult her into the Olympic Equestrian circuit. Stives’s donation will go into an endowment, the interest of which […]


Hunger Games sequel catches fire in box office

Some sequels fall short of expectations, but Hunger Games: Catching Fire is an exception. The much-anticipated film has added to the already booming Hunger Games franchise, which includes Suzanne Collins’s book trilogy and the first Hunger Games movie. This second installment, with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, is sure to leave the […]

Athletics / Community

A successful Homecoming despite losses

On Saturday, October 26, the Dana Hall campus teemed with commotion, excitement, and team spirit. The Dana Dragons and the Newton Falcons were facing off for the second time this year at Dana Hall Homecoming. The day opened with Saturday classes, with Middle School games in the morning, Junior Varsity […]


Senior-Sophomore brings character to campus

On Monday, September 23, after four days of posters, care packages, locker decorations, and candy, the anticipated Senior-Sophomore tradition commenced. On campus and around Wellesley, one could see Charmin bears, the Despicable Me minions, Alice in Wonderland, and Cindy Lou Who, to name a few of this year’s characters. While […]


Preseason athletes prepare for fall season

While most of Dana Hall’s student body enjoyed the beach, finished up on reading, or relaxed with friends, the varsity athletes and hopeful tryouts gathered at Dana on August 20 to begin preseason. This year’s preseason consisted of only one session a day for four days and then two days […]


Not Your Average Prom: Dana Hall’s Best Buddies Prom

The lights were on in Shipley’s fencing studio, but instead of a fencing meet, a DJ was mixing tunes from Gomez and Cyrus that inspired the crowd rush out onto the floor.  He played the crowd’s favorites, the dance floor was full, and everyone had a smile on their face. […]


Why the Backlash?

The word feminism is dirty in the hallways at Dana Hall School. At school assemblies, the word produces cringes. During presentations, you’ll hear sighs. Worst of all, the chatter among the students is filled with “I don’t even care about feminism.” Perhaps–or at least I hope–these girls are just ignorant […]

Arts / Community

Dana Hall Art Gallery: A Girl and Her Room

The Dana Hall Art Gallery opened a new exhibit on the 15th of January that featured pictures from Rania Matarís work from her book, A Girl and Her Room, published in May 2012. The art contains revealing pictures of teenage girls in the most personal space they have: their bedrooms. […]


The Drive to Achieve: A Cautionary Tale

The recent spike in Adderall prescriptions, as well as the growing issue of abuse, has caused doctors and concerned users to take a step back and reexamine the use of the drug.  Since 2007, the number of prescriptions has increased by an astounding 26%, according to the New York Times, […]