Articles written by: Christi Thorbecke


The Virgin Suicides: An end disguised as a beginning

The Lisbon girls are blonde, beautiful, and out of reach. One by one, over the course of a year, each of the girls, blessed in mind and body, takes her own life. The events leading up to the startling loss are recounted by five neighborhood boys who grow up spying […]


Two cultures intersect through poetry

This winter, Ms. Linda Derezinski’s freshman English class traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, through poetry. Her students, by creating blogs on Weebly, developed a platform to share their original poetry, their analyses of acclaimed poems, and their thoughts on the world surrounding them through the eyes of a poet. Students at […]


Foxhunting: The exhilaration of unrestrained riding

When autumn and spring descend upon New England, foxes everywhere turn over in their dens, for with the warm weather comes the commencement of foxhunting season. Not just a British pastime romanticized on shows like Downton Abbey, the sport is a little known American staple for equestrian lovers, with a […]


Kids, politicians, and the state of American rhetoric

When the political sphere becomes a platform for paid sideshows, American politicians need to spend some time reflecting on their priorities. In another controversial stunt, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had a tween girl group called the U.S.A. Freedom Kids sing an ode to him during a rally in Pensacola, […]

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Listening to stories at the cultural crossroads

It can be a mixed blessing having parents of two different races. While rich cultural history is embedded into my heritage, so is ambiguity, and often, people are reluctant to consider that my ethnicity doesn’t fall into a single specific category. Each person, I’ve found, is a composite of stories, […]


Colliding realities in Murakami’s genre-defying novel 1Q84

1Q84, by Haruki Murakami. 624 pages. Harvill Seckor. $18. Fantastical, realistic fiction often struggles to find a place in the canon of literary greats, but Japanese author Haruki Murakami breaks that trend with his simple prose that treats taboo subject matter with tasteful indifference. 1Q84, Murakami’s second-latest novel, shatters genres, […]


Kandinsky painting brings together campus painters, dancers, and film-maker

Dana Hall’s art scene and dance world have collided in a cross-campus interdisciplinary collaboration, dubbed the Kandinsky Project after the celebrated painter Wassily Kandinsky. In this joint effort, advanced dance students have come together with Studio Art and Exploring Design students, and partnered with a film student, to construct a […]


Cross Country dominates, establishing a running victory against top rival

On Wednesday, October 21, a damp day swollen with cold, the Dana Hall Varsity Cross Country team beat their top rival, Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart (NCDS), on Newton’s own course, for the first time in 15 years. Two weeks later, on October 30, the Cross Country […]


Dana Hall eliminates Honor Roll

This year, Dana Hall eliminated the Honor Roll in an effort to increase intrinsic motivation within students, and at the same time decrease stress. Dana Hall transcripts will no longer bear any indication of the Honor Roll. The concept of an external reward is to recognize achievement through an external […]