Articles written by: Christine Artica


Dana Hall blends cohorts

After months of alternating weeks on campus between student cohorts, Dana Hall ended the cohort model as of April 1. Students of all grades are now attending their classes in person every week. There are 256 on campus students and 65 students who are continuing in the distance learning model. […]


The boarding community returns to campus

In January 2021, Dana Hall started the process of reintegrating its boarding students back to campus. About 30 boarders are back in the dorms, living with new regulations due to COVID. All of the boarding students are currently living in singles. They have to keep their masks on when leaving […]


The Asian/Asian American Affinity Group provides community and awareness

The new Asian/Asian American Affinity group, led by Novia Nguyen ’21 and Sissi Wang ’24, brings awareness to Asian/Asian American issues. “We wish to show that we are not just a ‘model minority’ nor the stereotypes that society labels us with,” stated Sissi.           The idea of the affinity group was […]

Community / Opinion

Quarantine’s effect on my mental health

Quarantine has been hard on a lot of people, and we talk about the stress of it all, but we don’t recognize how this affects our mental health. I should know, I have been on a mental health journey throughout quarantine.  In my personal experience during quarantine, my mental health […]