Articles written by: Bolin Miao


We should look through our differences with a new perspective

Revised from the award-winning essay from the American Society of Human Genetics’ International DNA Day contest. On May 21, 2023, Real Madrid Player Vinicius Jr. was subjected to racist abuse during the team’s away tie against Valencia, which aroused a heated debate. On May 30, a German soccer club was […]


Maurice Ravel’s “Sonatine” is a Masterwork Worth Enjoying 

Sonatine, composed by French composer Maurice Ravel, is a piece of music that is absolutely worth your time to appreciate and explore. This piece of music, created over 100 years ago, from 1903 to 1905, is a representation of Ravel’s style that ingeniously combines neoclassicism and impressionism.  If you have […]

The Nation and the World

Supreme Court Considers Use of Race in College Admissions

The Supreme Court heard the case of Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) v. Harvard and SFFA v. University of North Carolina (UNC) in October 2022, and the decision is expected to come out this spring. The final judgment of the cases may have significant and far-reaching implications on the use […]


Admissions meets challenges from construction and Covid

The Admissions Office in Dana Hall is facing two big challenges this year: the construction project and the pandemic. The lack of a major classroom building caused by building updates, as well as traveling restrictions caused by Covid, is affecting the daily life of students and staff. Dealing with these […]