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An ode to retro entertainment: 28th season of The Bachelor 

From early January to late March this year, a new episode of The Bachelor streamed every Monday at 8pm on ABC, luring in viewers from across the country. This week-to-week television style has brought people together, whether online or at in-person watch parties. The drama between the contestants on the […]

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Quarantine continues to affect the development of young children

In 2024, four years after the initial COVID-19 quarantine, young children are continuing to demonstrate developmental delays because of the two-year absence from a normal school environment, according to education and health experts. Also, infants who were born during this time are experiencing speech and language delays. Experts disagree, however, […]

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Taylor Swift courses enter the classroom

Many young people are interested in Taylor Swift, from all over the world to here at Dana Hall. Swift is a 12-time Grammy winner and arguably the biggest pop star today. She is so successful in her field of singing and songwriting that her work is being taught in universities. […]


Sophia Coppola’s “Priscilla” reveals the untold story of Elvis’s marriage

Sophia Coppola’s Priscilla (2023) is based on the memoir Elvis and Me (1985) by Priscilla Presley. The film focuses on the private moments within the marriage, giving viewers a different perspective of their relationship than what was portrayed in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis (2022). Elvis Presley is considered the “king of […]

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The car radio has been forgotten

Over breakfast one day in the Dining Hall, I brought up the dilemma discussed on that morning’s edition of ‘‘Morning Court,” a comedy podcast played on the radio 105.7 WROR. While some of my friends said they listen to various game shows played on the radio, a lot of them […]


Jackman. Is one of Jack Harlow’s best projects

Jack Harlow’s third studio album, Jackman., is a substantial improvement from his last project, Come Home The Kids Miss You (2022). Jack Harlow is a 26 year old rapper from Louisville, Kentucky. On Wednesday, April 26th, Harlow announced a surprise album that came out two days later; it consists of […]

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Parents are banning books unfairly in public school libraries

As an independent school in Massachusetts, we feel removed from discussions of banned books in public schools. However, most Americans attend public schools, so it is important that Dana Hall students are exposed to public instruction in order to be responsible citizens. Unjust book banning in school libraries has been […]

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Dana Hall student publications have a riveting history

Dana Hall student voices have been published since the late 1800s. The first issue was published on December 15th, 1890, from a newspaper titled the Bonbonnière. This paper was a literary magazine as well as a newspaper. Other student publications include small newspapers that ran for 1-2 years all the […]


Emma Chamberlain’s “Anything Goes” is worth a listen

Emma Chamberlain is a 21-year-old American influencer. She has a YouTube channel with 11.9 million subscribers, and started a podcast called Anything Goes in February of 2020. These episodes are 45 minutes long, and come out every Thursday on a multitude of streaming platforms. Emma Chamberlain has become wildly successful […]

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Mr. Tipton enriches the Social Studies department

Frank Tipton is a new teacher in the Social Studies department this school year. He teaches Middle Eastern studies to sophomores and AP US history to juniors. Mia El Abd ‘25 says that “I enjoy his class. He’s very passionate about what he’s teaching.” Mr. Tipton comes to Dana Hall […]