Articles written by: Alicia Agosto


Dana Hall Softball takes Disney World

Fifteen members of the Dana Hall Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Middle School Softball teams traveled to Orlando, Florida, for spring training at Disney’s Wide World of Sports during the first week of spring break. Varsity Softball coach Dr. John Doll, Middle School Softball Coach Ms. Leslie Doll, and Assistant Varsity […]


Uber now off-limits for those under 18

Dana Hall students under 18 may no longer use Uber or other ride-sharing services. Students’ use of these services over the last couple of years has actually been in violation of the company’s policies banning users under 18 years old. Dana Hall has been using Uber for the past few years […]


Chipotle faces health crises, diminished reputation

Chipotle has been in and out of the news since July, and not because they are thriving. Starting in July, Chipotle locations all over the country have had multiple outbreaks of e. coli, two outbreaks of norovirus, and one outbreak of salmonella. Students at Dana Hall mainly go to Boloco and Qdoba when […]


Bieber shows a new side in collaborating on Purpose

In November, Justin Bieber released a 19-song album called Purpose. In the album we see a changed Bieber from his recent run-ins with the tabloids. Leading up to the release of his album, Bieber dropped a handful of singles: “Where Are Ü Now,” featuring Skrillex and Diplo; “Sorry”; “Love Yourself”; and […]


Varsity Volleyball successfully juggles exams and tournament play

Leading up and into November exams, the Varsity Volleyball team participated in the New England Class B Tournament (“New England’s”), and made it the farthest the volleyball team has in Dana Hall history. The Varsity Volleyball team consists of three seniors, four juniors, three sophomores, and four freshmen. The team […]

Athletics / Community

Sydney Soloway helps others through her love of sports

Sydney Soloway ’18 created SquashCares in 2014, using her love of squash to help the less fortunate in two ways: making “ball blankets” for those with autism or ADHD, and collecting used squash equipment for squash programs that are in need of extra squash rackets and sneakers. Soloway was inspired […]


A mixed season thus far for athletics

The fall athletic season is underway, and so far the results have been mixed. Both Varsity and JV Soccer and Volleyball have played a handful of games already. Varsity Soccer has a record so far of 2-3, winning against Montrose and Cushing and losing to Thayer, St. Marks, and Buckingham […]