Art from the Virtual Hallway: Marissa Esposito ’22

A new addition to the English hallway, as well as the Hallmanac’s Virtual Hallway, is a large mural by Marissa Esposito ‘22 that reads “End the stigma.” Marissa created this mural over the course of the second trimester in Art Lab.

Her inspiration was the stigma around mental health and illness and how poorly these topics are understood and judged. Marissa used a large piece of canvas paper and acrylic paint to create the mural with several bright colors, portraying the beauty of mental health that is not seen because of this stigma. 

She shared her hopes for how her mural will affect those who view it: “I hope that when people walk by, it can be an extra reminder that they aren’t alone and they’ll get through whatever they’re going through.”

Marissa explained,  “When I see my own art, it makes me proud of myself for sharing it with the school.” Emma Beardsley ‘22 agreed, “Whenever I pass by Mariass’s mural it makes me really happy because I know she spent a lot of time on it and I love the message so I feel proud to know someone who can do that.” 

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