Art From the Virtual Hallway: Alex Dent ’21

Throughout the school day, students and faculty are used to being surrounded by art in the hallways or in the Student Center. But now, the second-floor walls are completely empty, while the display areas of the staircase leading up to it still showcase the pieces from last year’s artists. Not only are remote students completely unable to experience looking at the second-floor hallway, but many hybrid students aren’t allowed to go up there either. The stagnant atmosphere of that section of the building is unsettling and disheartening. 

The Hallmanac is providing a solution to this eerie emptiness.

The new “Art From the Virtual Hallway” column will display art digitally along with a personal statement from the artist. In a time where we have no choice but to connect ourselves by screen, we want to adapt and give artists a platform to share their work with others.

Our first submission comes from Alex Dent ’21, who worked on her untitled piece over the summer for her AP Studio Art class. It was done with acrylic paint on canvas and was inspired by the abstract style with a hint of modern, as evidenced by the colors, shape, and free composition. She explains that the piece is one of her personal favorites, saying, “it exemplifies all of my favorite artistic qualities. Bright colors, graphic design, and abstractness is what I love to create.”

Alex also describes how the symbolism in the piece is personal and reflective of her own character. “Though I based the face off of a picture of my sister, I tried to demonstrate both sides of my personality: the more bright peppy side of me as well as the more structured muted aspect,” she says. To her, “it is a challenge to make everything clean and precise, but it is all worth it.”

We hope to get many recommendations and submissions for “Art From the Virtual Hallway” from everybody–students, faculty, and alumnae. Please send your work and statement to Demitra Moutoudis in order for us to display it in our virtual hallway.

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