“Anyone But You” is worth the watch

An enemies to lovers romcom called “Anyone But You”, released in December 2023 and streaming on Prime Video and Apple TV, is worth the watch for a fun Friday night movie. 

For the past years, people like to complain about the rarity of good rom coms.  This was until “Anyone But You” came out, giving the charm, wit, swoony romance, and chemistry that has been missing from recent entries in the genre. 

“Anyone But You”, directed by Will Gluck, takes place in Sydney Australia, where characters Ben (Glen Powell) and Beatrice (Sydney Sweeney) meet in a coffee shop, which leads to a date, initially going great but ending in a disaster. The two lose contact but cross paths in a wedding two months later when Ben’s best friend gets engaged to Beatrice’s sister, which sparks their romance. 

I enjoyed the movie a lot as the plot was captivating, with both characters’ perspectives of each other changing throughout the movie as they go through ups and downs. It was entertaining to watch, as well as humorous. Additionally, I thought the casting was great as both Sweeney and Powell showed great chemistry through their acting. I had hoped for more dramatic scenes such as arguments to create a more entertaining, emotional watch.

The soundtrack was also catchy, with the song “Unwritten” by Bridget Verdant quickly showing popularity in social media. The movie, shot in Sydney, brings foreigners through a digital tour through Sydney, incorporating scenes in places such as the Opera House. Overall, I really liked the movie and would recommend watching it with your friends. 

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