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A Night to Remember

Last Saturday, an event that spiked many emotions happened. Prom. Whether you love it or hate it, you will never escape the constant chatter about dresses, hair makeup, shoes, dates and all the stress that comes with it. A month before this event, it won’t stop. And it never stops. The excitement or dread leaks through the walls and hallways of the Dana Hall school. However, the preparations that go into this glamorous event takes a lot of work for the faculty and staff as well as the students attending the prom.

I interviewed Ms. Pressman to talk about the preparations for the prom. Since prom was held at Gillette this year, the workers there made it easy on the Dana Hall staff for decorations. Ms. Pressman said that “Gillette does a great job making sure everything is set for the prom.” The year the biggest change was the small centerpieces for the tables.

Last year “there were glass bowls which were very heavy to bring up the stairs into the prom space.” Ms. Pressman said. She is in charge of the centerpieces so she knew she wanted something easy this year to carry up the stairs into the space. With all of the centerpieces ready early, the prom space was ready the day before prom.

Even though the table set up is easy… making the tables is not. Obviously people want to make sure they sit at the same table with their friends at prom so this could be difficult. Ms. Pressman says that “goal is to make sure people are as happy as possible, but their are limitations.” People may find it hard to sit with all of their friends because if friends are bringing dates, this means only four or five Dana Hall students can sit at a table which can cause drama. Even though the preparation may be stressful, prom was still a lot of fun!

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