5 Reasons Why You Need To Watch Season 2 Of Stranger Things  (If you haven’t already)

1: They really ramp up some of the horror/thriller feel of the show
I am someone that loves scary movies and shows, (while some people don’t). But if you do, there is SO much more suspense and overall thrill factor in this season. Special effects plus new things that have come to the town fuel some of the characters’ fears that bring them together even more than last season.

Okay, so whether you were a fan or hated him last season, he slowly matures into a person that I think everyone will love.

3: That throwback 80’s feel
The cool thing about this show is how it’s filmed in 2017 but they do such a good job of making it feel like you stepped into the 80’s. Season 2 really steps it up a notch with the ~80’s nostalgia feel~ that people love. Look for: a Halloween episode, house parties, an arcade, and continued use of their beloved bikes.

4: The new characters that are introduced
Some people don’t love when the character dynamic in the show they became familiar with changes, but you will see all the old friendships continue and get to see more of new characters, including Will Byers (because he is no longer in the upside-down).

5: All the chemistry of new friendships and relationships is insane!

No spoilers, but you will want to ship every new relationship. Watch out for some of the moms.


Overall, the show gets a lot funnier while the characters you know get more lovable, also its only 9 hours, so you should go binge-watch during winter break!

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