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Explore opportunities outside of Dana Hall

Students have the opportunity to explore themselves and their passions outside of Dana Hall.  The Brigham and Women’s Youth summer program introduces high school students to numerous careers in healthcare. This camp “expands on the hospital’s teaching mission, enhances diversity initiatives and supports youth of the community.” Another high school […]

Community / Opinion

Fostering youth civic engagement in Wellesley: a call to action

Wellesley, Massachusetts, has long been recognized for its great schools and community vibrancy. Despite these attributes, the town encounters its share of youth civic engagement obstacles, including voter apathy and limited representation in local government. Despite the town’s well-informed community, voter apathy remains a concern among young voters. As an […]

Opinion / The Nation and the World

Let’s pay attention to the exploitation of Congo

One year ago, Pope Francis said, “Hands off the Democratic Republic of Congo! Stop choking Africa: It is not a mine to be stripped or a terrain to be plundered. What is happening here needs to be known.” Yet, the media and US Congress still hasn’t given a lot of […]


The girl from São Paulo

Dana Hall has a variety of students from many countries, but Ana Lebl ‘26, is the only girl from Brazil. 26 from China, 7 from Korea, 2 from Thailand, 2 from Japan, but only one from Sao Paulo. Born in São Paulo, Ana is an outgoing and sociable girl who […]