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Maurice Ravel’s “Sonatine” is a Masterwork Worth Enjoying 

Sonatine, composed by French composer Maurice Ravel, is a piece of music that is absolutely worth your time to appreciate and explore. This piece of music, created over 100 years ago, from 1903 to 1905, is a representation of Ravel’s style that ingeniously combines neoclassicism and impressionism.  If you have […]

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TikTok should not be banned

In recent years, security concerns have been raised about the popular TikTok app. The Chinese company that owns TikTok and ByteDance, is accused of sharing user information with the Chinese government and promoting political campaigns. Congress is questioning TikTok’s involvement with the Chinese communist party, citing a national security threat. […]

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Dana Hall’s current schedule should be changed

Next school year (2023-2024), Dana Hall should think about revamping the schedule. The schedule was changed two years ago with the best intentions as they wanted the Middle and Upper school schedules to overlap as well as having fewer transitions throughout the day. However, the previous schedule was better. I […]