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Dr. B: A statistically impressive addition to Dana Hall

Dr. Alla Nikolaevna (pronounced: NIK-A-LY-VNA) Baranovsky is the newest member of Dana Hall’s math department. Dr. Baranovsky, who goes by Dr. B for short, teaches AP Statistics, Intro to Calculus and Statistics, and Algebra 2 with Applications. She is also an adviser to 10th-graders and the faculty advisor to the […]

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What Dana Hall thought of the Super Bowl halftime show

112 million people sat down on the night of February 13th to watch the 56th Superbowl at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. It is safe to assume that most were there for the game, but a lot were just waiting for commercials and the infamous halftime show.  While many headlines […]


Up for a challenge? Try Wordle! 

A new craze has hit Dana Hall and the world: the online word guessing game Wordle. Many students and faculty have been intrigued by this daily interactive game. According to a recent Hallmanac survey with 200 responses, 81% of responders had tried the daily game. The goal of the game is […]


Women’s NCAA Tournament moves to primetime on ESPN

This year’s March Madness basketball tournament marked a positive shift in women’s college sports broadcasting.  For the first time, ESPN aired women’s college basketball at primetime, two games per night, at 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM. The men’s games, by comparison, aired on CBS’s smaller channels, TBS and TNT. Although […]

Ode to the Classroom Building
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Ode to the Classroom Building

The Dana Hall Classroom building has seen about six decades of students, countless eras of fashion, and numerous learning models. Still, it has been a foundation for Dana Hall students to learn, lead, and grow through its sixty years of existence. This classroom renovation will mark a significant transition in […]