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Gossip Girl’s unsatisfactory return

The Gossip Girl reboot aired on HBO Max on July 8, 2021, and was a major disappointment. Compared to the original series, a CW production that premiered in 2007, the new version is corny and uneventful. Fans were expecting much more from the reboot, which let down those who loved the […]


The DragonCenter comes to the Hallmanac

Welcome to the DragonCenter, Dana Hall’s first live broadcast program, taking the community to the sidelines to get all the information on our sports teams! Below are the interviews from Homecoming 2021, which you can also find on the Dana Hall Athletics Instagram, @thedanadragon. I will be making rounds throughout […]


Create multicultural food traditions this Thanksgiving

Sticking to tradition is the best thing about Thanksgiving.  Once you establish a set of recipes, it’s easy to plan out year-by-year. And if you’re like my family and you have a good menu, your stomach will be grumbling for Thanksgiving months in advance.  My family sticks to the traditional […]