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E-cigarette use declines for teenagers

If you were to walk the halls of Dana Hall’s Shipley Center in 2019, you would be surrounded by a plethora of posters educating you on the common facts and health risks of e-cigarettes. When you walk the halls today in 2021, you no longer see any of these posters. […]

The Nation and the World

Boston will make history on November 2

Update: Michele Wu won the election by a wide margin and will be the next Boston mayor. In the last 200 years, Boston has elected only white male mayors, usually of Irish or Italian descent. This year, though, Boston will elect a woman and person of color to serve in […]


After “pudding” up with Covid, the Dining Hall buffet returns

After a year and a half, the Dining Hall is back. The salad bar, sandwich bar, hot bar, panini press, soup pots, and cereal bar are open to the community once again, with no restrictions. This means no more plexiglass or grab-n-go food boxes. Though many things are back to […]