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Art From the Virtual Hallway: Alex Dent ’21

Throughout the school day, students and faculty are used to being surrounded by art in the hallways or in the Student Center. But now, the second-floor walls are completely empty, while the display areas of the staircase leading up to it still showcase the pieces from last year’s artists. Not […]


Applying to college during a pandemic

The college application process, which is normally known for its unchanging routines, has been turned upside down in the year of a pandemic. Everything from the basics of visiting a college campus to taking standardized tests have been changed, and resources at Dana Hall are changing with it. One of […]


Creating change through performance … over Zoom

COVID-19 has presented a wide range of obstacles for the performing arts, from Broadway to New York Fashion Week to small-scale shows. Dana Hall has come up with a solution to have a fall play despite the novel coronavirus.  This year’s play focuses on the progression of social justice through […]