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Mr. Fadden: Inspired and Inspiring

Sitting in the Science Lab after school one Wednesday evening, I became increasingly aware that Gary Fadden is not the person who lives a life of regret or doubt. Growing up, Mr. Fadden never thought that he would be a teacher, nor a scientist –  yet the stars seemed to […]


Diversity at Dana: Part 2

Co-Editor Sarah Syed’s Consideration of the complexity of diversity at Dana Hall continues: With a more inclusive space comes the concept of allyship. In taking these next steps toward a more active stance in allyship, students should be the ones to decide what that means for them. The idea, as […]


Ms. Stewart: Help is Waiting

Walking into Wayside, a first floor classroom to the right of the door is where almost all of your school problems can be fixed or helped with some time with Kim Stewart, who is one of the two learning specialists at Dana Hall. Ms. Stewart went to Antioch for as […]


Meet my friend, Ano

It was just another typical day at Dana Hall. I went to the Library right after dinner to study for a test I had the next day. While I was focusing on the materials, I heard a familiar voice “The library will closing in 15 minutes.” Suddenly, all the lights […]


Thirteen Questions for Ms. Panahi

Happy Friday! Here is the second in our “Thirteen Questions” series, brought to you by Grace Wang and Charlene Huang.


Truly Gary

Truly Yogurt has long been a local favorite here in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Summer or winter, sunshine or storm, Truly’s always has some customers strolling in for some ice cream or frozen yogurt, from Dana Hall especially. It doesn’t matter what kind of day it is, the dedication to Truly’s from […]


José Garcia: the Whole Package

Beyond the poster-plastered walls of the language hallway, and beyond the sacred junior pit strewn with Starbucks’, textbooks, and the occasional piece of stray sushi, there lies a small room hidden in plain sight. Room 112. With its plain wooden door labeled “Student Bank Mailroom,” partitioned glass window, and organized […]