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Canva: How a Poster-Making Website Saved My Career

I have been working in the library as a library page for almost half a year; library pages are Dana Hall students who work at the library and help the librarians with tasks and work. Yes, we are the students who sit at the round table, look at the computer […]


Ms. Siemon’s Travels Through History

Ms. Siemon is many things- a social studies teacher, a history enthusiast, and a world traveler. Kayla Terzioglu, a student who went on the trip to Greece with Mrs. Siemon, commented on some of the places they visited.” The trip was very fun and exhausting. We went to four different […]


He’s Worked Here For Almost 50 Years: Meet Doug Corrigan

Chances are, you’ve seen an enthusiastic black lab being walked around Dana, her nose constantly sniffing anything and everything; she tugs at her leash, making the man walking her smile. This dog is Stella, and her owner is Doug Corrigan. Well, technically, Doug’s daughter Kelsey owns Stella, but he’s willing […]


Thirteen Questions Episode 1

Hallmanac reporters Sarah Syed and Bink Vijitkasemkij get to know 13 things about Mandarin teacher Jasmine Xiang in this new feature. .