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Stranger Things 2, So much more to see!

5 Reasons Why You Need To Watch Season 2 Of Stranger Things  (If you haven’t already)

1: They really ramp up some of the horror/thriller feel of the show I am someone that loves scary movies and shows, (while some people don’t). But if you do, there is SO much more suspense and overall thrill factor in this season. Special effects plus new things that have […]

The avocado salsa and chips at B. Good are a delicious, healthy, and affordable quick lunch.
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Five Nutritious Lunches Under $10 in Wellesley Center

Do you ever want to grab lunch but don’t know where to go to get a quick, healthy meal? Recently, I have tried five different restaurants in Wellesley Center — easily accessible from the Dana Hall campus. In this search, I have found fabulous food that can satisfy a wide […]

Agility Training your… Pet Rabbit?
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Agility Training your… Pet Rabbit?

Year by year, the amount of households with dogs and pets has increased tremendously, and now, people are discovering how smart their pets really are. Dog agility is a very popular sport many dog owners participate in with their canine companions, but what about other pets? Surely no other pet […]

This photo, believed to date from 1935, shows Revels performers in action.  Many of the elements of this beloved tradition have been present for almost a century.
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Revels: The History of a Tradition

As we near winter vacation, with it comes a long held tradition at Dana Hall: Revels. Beginning in 1921, Crostance Grosvenor Alexander, an English teacher at Dana from 1909-1944, wrote the original script, titled Saint Francis Keeps Christmas at Greccio 1223. Although the original title is very different, much of […]