New ID entry system focuses on security New ID entry system focuses on security
Dana Hall’s ice hockey team: Home at last Dana Hall’s ice hockey team: Home at last
Dr. Who: Season 12 is a winner Dr. Who: Season 12 is a winner
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Voting 101

Voting is a hallmark of adulthood, and an exciting and new experience for many seniors and juniors on campus. 2020 marks a momentous year for the presidential elections, as the political divide in our country  has grown throughout the tumultuous presidency of President Donald Trump. In 2020, there is only […]

The Nation and the World

Impeachments throughout history

On December 18, 2019, President Donald Trump was impeached, marking a historical moment as he is one of three presidents to ever undergo this process. Ultimately, the President was acquitted, but the mere passing of the Articles of Impeachment ensures the moment’s place in history books for Dana students to […]


New ID entry system focuses on security

Dana Hall School issued a new ID system shortly after Thanksgiving break. Starting on December 3rd, all members of the Dana Hall community are required to carry a scannable ID to enter the majority of the buildings on campus.  Even though there has never been a security threat to Dana […]


Dana Hall’s ice hockey team: Home at last

Dana Hall School has its own ice rink, for the first time. It’s located in the Wellesley Sports Center, only ten minutes away from Dana Hall’s campus.  Head coach and science teacher Ms. Sarah Jacobs notes that finally having a home rink allows the team to have a greater sense […]


Dr. Who: Season 12 is a winner

Doctor Who Season 12 had a serious loss of viewers. About 4.9 million Doctor Who fans suddenly tuned out of watching the longest-running science fiction show on television, which is particularly worrisome to me. I have been a Whovian since ninth grade and have seen almost every season. I am […]


The Ultimate Escape

Imagine being handcuffed to a stranger and having to escape from jail only using clues from a bed sheet with holes, a few dollar bills hidden under the bed, and walls covered with numbers and messages written with blood by the previous insane prisoners. The timer is counting down, and […]


Celebrating Lunar New Year Away From Home

2020 is the year of the rat according to the lunar calendar, which is based on the cycles of the sun and moon combined (so the dates of the Lunar New Year vary slightly from year to year). Here at Dana Hall, parent volunteers and the International Student Association (ISA) […]


Day of Community Learning leads to new awareness and conversations

Dana Hall’s annual Day of Community Learning was held on Friday, December 13, 2019. Instead of following the normal Friday class schedule, Dana Hall students attended a variety of workshops on the theme “Building Bridges and Sharing Spaces.” All sorts of workshops took place throughout the day, and while each […]

Mandarin and Cantonese at Dana Hall
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Mandarin and Cantonese at Dana Hall

The Dana Hall Upper School has approximately 40 international students who are ethnically Chinese. Most of these students speak Mandarin, which is the dominant dialect in China. Only about four international students are Cantonese speakers, but they can also speak or at least understand Mandarin, since it is Mandarin is […]

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Laughing through the pain: test memes

Although standardized testing is a dreaded annual event, many students look forward to the entertainment of memes after the fact to cope. For any standardized test, including the SATs, the PSATs, and AP exams, looking up the name of that test followed by “memes” brings up a variety of memes […]