New All-School Co-Presidents ready to take the helm New All-School Co-Presidents ready to take the helm
A Swiftie’s Review of The Tortured Poets Department  A Swiftie’s Review of The Tortured Poets Department 
Challengers Aced All of My Expectations Challengers Aced All of My Expectations
Impacts of Tourism in Harvard Square Impacts of Tourism in Harvard Square


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New All-School Co-Presidents ready to take the helm

Brianna Revanche ’25 and Yvonne Hao ’25 will be the All-School Co-Presidents for the 2024-2025 school year. Brianna is from Boston and joined Dana Hall in 6th grade, while Yvonne is from Shanghai, China, and joined as a freshman. Both of them are boarding students currently living in the Johnstons. […]


A Swiftie’s Review of The Tortured Poets Department 

Taylor Swift’s 11th album debuted on April 19, 2024 at midnight EST. Leading up to the countdown on Swift’s Instagram page hitting zero, speculation soared among fans. Some, like myself, anticipated a surprise drop of “Reputation (Taylor’s Version),” a long-awaited release. Others speculated about a double album for “The Tortured […]


Challengers Aced All of My Expectations

Released on April 26th, Challengers, a two hour dramatic masterpiece about tennis, love, and much more, holds its viewers captive, and leaves them raving. As a tennis player, this movie captivated me from the first time I saw the previews in January, and it surpassed all of my expectations beautifully.   […]

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Impacts of Tourism in Harvard Square

Cambridge, Massachusetts is known for its history, architecture, and natural beauty- attracting over 8 million tourists each year, according to Harvard is the oldest higher-education institution in the United States, and its history and prestige naturally attract many people. Tourism is integral to Harvard Square’s larger economy, but can […]

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Pig Kidney Transplanted into a Human

On March 21, 2024, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) performed the first ever successful transplant of a genetically-edited pig kidney. They transplanted it into a 62 year old man who was living with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD). The surgery was four hours long. This surgery is a historic milestone in xenotransplantation, […]

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Dana Hall should be more active about introducing traditions

Traditions have always been a huge part of Dana Hall, and it is something that many students learn to love and enjoy over their high school years. However, new students are often surprised, caught off guard, confused, or intimidated by these traditions and I’m glad to hear that the school […]

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The NCAA has Banned Celsius and Other Energy Drinks- Here’s What You Need To Know

Just like any other year, in 2022, the National Collegiate Athletic Association posted their banned substances list. That year’s iteration, however, was updated to include the energy drink Celsius and many of its ingredients, including guarana, taurine, ginseng, and L-carnitine. As a result of these ingredient bans, many other energy […]

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Why has Ozempic gotten so much attention?

The weight loss effects of Ozempic, a drug originally used to help diabetes patients manage their blood sugar levels, have gone viral on social media. There are over 85,000 videos on TikTok under #ozempic. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy has reported a shortage of Ozempic since 2022. Numerous […]

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Microplastics may damage the integrity of archaeological remains

You may have heard about microplastics in cosmetic products but have you heard of them in archaeological deposits? A research team from the University of York in the U.K. has found sixteen different microplastic polymer types, located over 23 feet underground, in soil deposits that had been excavated in the […]

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Speculation About the Princess of Wales turns into public support

Speculations from the public led Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, to announce her cancer diagnosis on March 22, which has been followed by public support.  The speculation that Kate Middleton disappeared from the royal family was caused by an image the Kensington Palace shared of Kate Middleton and her three […]