Art From the Virtual Hallway: Alex Dent ’21 Art From the Virtual Hallway: Alex Dent ’21
Applying to college during a pandemic Applying to college during a pandemic
Creating change through performance … over Zoom Creating change through performance … over Zoom
Isolation and mental health in the time of COVID Isolation and mental health in the time of COVID



Art From the Virtual Hallway: Alex Dent ’21

Throughout the school day, students and faculty are used to being surrounded by art in the hallways or in the Student Center. But now, the second-floor walls are completely empty, while the display areas of the staircase leading up to it still showcase the pieces from last year’s artists. Not […]


Applying to college during a pandemic

The college application process, which is normally known for its unchanging routines, has been turned upside down in the year of a pandemic. Everything from the basics of visiting a college campus to taking standardized tests have been changed, and resources at Dana Hall are changing with it. One of […]


Creating change through performance … over Zoom

COVID-19 has presented a wide range of obstacles for the performing arts, from Broadway to New York Fashion Week to small-scale shows. Dana Hall has come up with a solution to have a fall play despite the novel coronavirus.  This year’s play focuses on the progression of social justice through […]

Community / The Nation and the World

International Asian students’ long journey back home

Since most schools and universities decided to stop classes in March due to the COVID-19, international students and families around the globe were forced to return to their home country. To prevent a second wave of the virus, many governments in Asia started mandatory quarantine for travellers, which impacted the […]


Isolation and mental health in the time of COVID

As the world processes the global COVID-19 pandemic, all states within America have implemented a set of guidelines for social distancing and isolation. Although these protocols are critical to minimize the cases of COVID-19 and to flatten the curve, they have a significant impact on people’s mental health, oftentimes in […]

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Permission granted to eat as much as you want today

It’s safe to say that back in the Stone Age there was no such thing as a diet. What do you think our ancestors did when they finally had access to food after a prolonged period of famine? The obvious answer is that they’d eat as much as they could […]

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Racial and economic injustice in the COVID-19 pandemic

As of May 26, 2020, Massachusetts has the fifth highest number of coronavirus cases in the country with 93,271 total cases. While the state as a whole has been hit especially hard, cases vary immensely on a town-by-town basis. In fact, when comparing coronavirus hotspots in the state with racial […]


How the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the college admissions process

As junior and senior year rolls around for many of Dana Hall’s students, the milestone of beginning the college process begins… and even an international pandemic can’t stop it. The summer going into senior year is a vital time in a student’s life to visit college campuses, take the SAT […]

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Quarantine provides students with time to try new activities

In the wake of the changes happening because of Covid-19, many Dana Hall students have been able to make the best of the situation and find new and interesting activities. With classes online, students are using the extra time they have to try new hobbies, either for classes or on […]

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Do something for others: Volunteer opportunities during quarantine

During this time of crisis, it is easy to feel helpless when the best thing to do to help is stay at home. One way to mitigate those feelings, as well as make a substantive difference in your community, is through charity. In addition to donating money, here is a […]