Day of Community Learning leads to new awareness and conversations Day of Community Learning leads to new awareness and conversations
Mandarin and Cantonese at Dana Hall Mandarin and Cantonese at Dana Hall
Student Handbook SparkNotes™ Student Handbook SparkNotes™
Tik Tok: the latest trend on campus … and everywhere else Tik Tok: the latest trend on campus … and everywhere else



Day of Community Learning leads to new awareness and conversations

Dana Hall’s annual Day of Community Learning was held on Friday, December 13, 2019. Instead of following the normal Friday class schedule, Dana Hall students attended a variety of workshops on the theme “Building Bridges and Sharing Spaces.” All sorts of workshops took place throughout the day, and while each […]

Mandarin and Cantonese at Dana Hall
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Mandarin and Cantonese at Dana Hall

The Dana Hall Upper School has approximately 40 international students who are ethnically Chinese. Most of these students speak Mandarin, which is the dominant dialect in China. Only about four international students are Cantonese speakers, but they can also speak or at least understand Mandarin, since it is Mandarin is […]

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Laughing through the pain: test memes

Although standardized testing is a dreaded annual event, many students look forward to the entertainment of memes after the fact to cope. For any standardized test, including the SATs, the PSATs, and AP exams, looking up the name of that test followed by “memes” brings up a variety of memes […]

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Change in Commencement venue

This year’s seniors will be graduating on the Wayside field, breaking the longstanding tradition of Commencement’s taking place across from pond. This move is a consequence of the new turf athletic field, which is not compatible with the stakes used to anchor the large tent used at graduation activities. Brianny Vasquez […]

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Student Handbook SparkNotes™

Every year, Dana Hall students are required to sign an agreement stating that they have read the student handbook in its entirety. Let’s be honest, most students, myself included, sign the agreement without a second glance. For the first time, after six years of blindly signing the agreement, I sat […]


Tik Tok: the latest trend on campus … and everywhere else

TikTok, the most downloaded iOS app, officially hit one billion downloads in February 2019. Users have the ability to post one-minute videos, and the content ranges from dancing, makeup, work-outs, magic tricks, and more. The Dana Hall community has become consumed with TikTok. According to a Hallmanac survey, 63% of […]


Takara: Go for the sushi

★★★☆☆ Recently, a friend and I took a trek over to Takara, a Japanese restaurant located a 15-minute walk from Wheeler Dormitory out in Linden Square. The sushi, in my opinion, deserves at least four stars in its own right. While the non-sushi dishes that I did order were certainly […]


“Designing for Healing”: stickers to help Shriners patients

Ella Schweizer ’22 has turned her personal history into an opportunity to help others. Her own experiences at Shriners Hospital for Children have led her to try to improve the experience for current patients. She organized a sticker-making workshop for the Day of Community Learning on December 13 to benefit […]


Last Christmas: merry and bright

I enjoyed Last Christmas greatly and would rate it a four out of five, although it has received mixed reviews.  However, I think that this movie caters to a specific audience, and I would only recommend this film to people looking for a romantic movie to watch. If you are […]


Middle Schoolers explore “Diversity without Divisiveness”

Fourteen Dana Hall students attended the Middle School Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference hosted by the Association of Independent Schools of New England (AISNE) at Belmont Day School on November 2. This year, the theme of the conference was “Diversity without Divisiveness.” Seven 8th graders, three 7th graders, and four […]