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Photo courtesy of Adam Rich
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Dana Hall Varsity Ice Hockey, Or: What are You Doing at 5 A. M. ?

5 A.M. Mondays, Tuesdays, and (a later start on) Thursdays. My phone alarm starts ringing in my ear. 5 minutes, I think. I need to brush my teeth, put on my shoes and leave my house. I frantically run, grabbing everything I may need for my day, and get into […]

The avocado salsa and chips at B. Good are a delicious, healthy, and affordable quick lunch.
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Five Nutritious Lunches Under $10 in Wellesley Center

Do you ever want to grab lunch but don’t know where to go to get a quick, healthy meal? Recently, I have tried five different restaurants in Wellesley Center — easily accessible from the Dana Hall campus. In this search, I have found fabulous food that can satisfy a wide […]

Star of the sideline chant,  “We Have Adam”, Adam Richins truly shines behind the camera.
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We Have Adam!

Adam Richins works as a part of the Dana Hall Campus Safety team and also assists on buildings and grounds as needed. He has been enjoying photography and his work behind the camera since freshman year of college when he discovered the field of photojournalism. Adam joined the Dana Hall […]

The Senior Sophomore Experience
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The Senior Sophomore Experience

This month, Senior- Sophomore, a Dana Hall tradition that has been taking place since the late 1930s, has been the center of recent school excitement. During this tradition, the seniors and sophomores bond through a series of events including candy-filled posters, decorated lockers, silly costumes, gift bags, colorful beanies and […]